Based in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire – we offer vital Engineering services for a wide range of projects across Cambridgeshire, London, Essex, Bedfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. Specialising in Residential, Premium Residential, Commercial and Industrial developments; our passionate team take pride in providing the right solution.

Expert Advice

Providing feasibility schemes, forensic Engineering and scheme development.

Structural Surveys

Structural surveys of domestic, residential or commercial properties

Structural Solutions

Production of structural calculations, designs and solutions

Emergency Works

Emergency inspections and assessments of Dangerous Structures, Fire Damaged Buildings and Vehicle Impacts. Working with building control and temporary works contractors.

Temporary Works

Working closely with contractors to provide calculations and designs for temporary works to enable the permanent works to progress.

Bespoke Items

Provision of designs and details for specialist items, such as Lighting Systems, Art installations, Signage, Furniture and Specialist Kitchen Units.

Fees & Costs

We understand that professional fees are important to all budgets, as such we provide a fixed cost quotation for each and every project prior to starting any work. We are happy to provide a fee quotation for all forms of construction – please refer to our contact page for more information.

We are always developing our work flow; use of technical packages; and in house procedures to increase efficiency and therefore reduces costs. This in turn allows us to focus more on producing better solutions. There is always a balance between providing a more competitive fee and a better service / product, but this is a balance we are achieving well.

We continually reinvest in new I.T. equipment and leading software packages to be able to provide the best solution, as well as investing in our staff with training.