As of 2018 and in accordance with the GDPR, Fordham Consulting Ltd has compiled a data protection policy. Below is a detailed description of how we intend to use your personal data and the care we take in ensuring that your data is safe and not mis-used.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback on the document below, please feel free to email:

  1. Data Collection:
    1. Why do we need your data: In order to undertake our duties as Structural and Building Engineers, we need a basic set of personal information which can be split into two parts – Project Data and Accounting Data. This data can be kept to the minimum required to complete our duties, additional data can be supplied by yourself at your own choice. We do not pro-actively harvest or collect data from any third parties.
    2. What Project Data do we need: In order to undertake our work, provide calculations and drawings and to be able to communicate effectively we need the following information as a core minimum:
      1. Name – to appear on all project related correspondence
      2. Address – only required if the site address matches your personal address
      3. Email – this is used for all core correspondence
      4. Phone Number – only required if you choose to provide it
    3. What Accounting Data do we need: In order to be able to provide invoices and collect payment we require the following information:
      1. Name – to appear on the invoice
      2. Address – only required if you need this information to appear on the invoice
      3. Payment Details – only required if Paypal or Credit/Debit card payments are carried out. You can choose to pay invoices by online banking using our bank details and in this case no financial data is obtained
  2. Data Processing:
    1. What do we do with the data we obtain: We do not analyse your data or use this for any other purpose than required to carry out our the core duties as Structural and Building Engineers.
    2. What data do we share with others: We do not share or sell any data with any unauthorised third parties.
  3. Authorised Third Parties:
    1. Why do we need to share your data: Construction projects will almost certainly require liaison with a design team and checking authorities. As such during the course of the project, some or all of the core project data will be shared with third parties. In order to protect your data third parties must be approved by yourself prior to any sharing.
    2. Who do we share data with: The design team may include:
      1. Architects
      2. Contractors
      3. Project Managers
      4. Quantity Surveyors
      5. Additional consultants such as, Interior Designers, MEP, Drainage Consultants, site investigation teams etc. On complex projects, the list can be quite long.
      6. Checking authorities such as Building Control, Utility Suppliers, Highways Authority, Network Rail etc can also be involved and as such will be included on the approved list if needed.
    3. We will only share your data and project information with third parties following direct written approval from yourself or creation of approved list for the design team. If details of third parties are given to FCL direct by yourself then these are deemed to be approved for data and project information sharing 
    4. If initial contact to yourself is obtained via a client’s representative or primary designer, then this third party is consider approved for data sharing without further approval from yourself.
    5. Do we share any Accounting Data: Payment details and any information stored solely within cloud storage for accounting will not be included within shared data or shared with any third party.
  4. Data Storage:
    1. How do we ensure your project data is secure: All project data I stored in our own storage which is protected with password protected access for a limited set of users within the FCL organisation only. Once the project is complete and long storage is required the data will be moved off site away from the company’s network.
    2. How do we ensure your accounting data is secure: We use a recognised and established accounting firm to co-ordinate all the accounting processes, they have a published GDPR policy which has been reviewed by FCL and deemed to exceed the requirements to meet GDPR needs.
  5. Long Term Data Retention:
    1. How long will we retain your data: Local project data and information is required to be retained for a minimum of 10 years following the completion of your project on site in order to comply with typical construction insurance and warranties. We intend to retain long term data indefinitely off site to ensure that you will always be able to retrieve information regarding your project at any time.
  6. Data Deletion:
    1. How do you get your data deleted: At any time you can request that your personal data is deleted from our system, however, the retention of certain data is required by other UK laws, as such local deletion will depend on job status:
      1. If your project is cancelled or following the receipt of a quote, you decide not to proceed with our services then you can request that all your data is permanently deleted from our system. We will retain just the site address for future records, with no other data retained.
      2. Any active or completed jobs can only be deleted following 10 years compliance. This request must be done in writing at least 10 years after the successful completion and sign off your project. We would also request that proof of completion is included. 




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