The estimate has been produced using any drawings, sketches, documents and/or photos provided in advance.

Acceptance of the estimate should be made either by direct email from yourself or via the client portal.

Unless an initial site visit has been carried out prior to the estimate being produced, then the estimate is based entirely on documents provided to us.

If a site visit is included in the estimate, please read the site visit terms. Please note that the findings of the site visit may result in changes to the estimate. If this is the case you shall be notified immediately using an adjusted estimate. No further works will be carried out unless the amended estimate is accepted.

At this stage please ensure that all your details are correct for invoicing and make any changes via the client portal if needed.

Please note that all works are subject to a likely turnaround time of between three and four weeks after a formal instruction to proceed is received. However, due to the nature of the works carried out, the office work load incurs regular changes at very short notice. As such no accurate time frame for release of drawings or calculations can be given.

All estimates are valid for 30 days.