Once your instruction has been received by direct email from yourself or via the client portal, the drawing work will commence in conjunction with the calculations.

The structural drawings, together with the architectural drawings, will form the documents used for your builder to carry out the works on site. They will also be required to complete your building control submission and should be retained following the works for future reference.

The drawings will use the architectural drawings as a base on which to determine the scheme and will call on any findings of a site visit, if carried out. It should be noted that accuracy of our drawings is dependent on the accuracy of the drawings we are provided with.

The structural drawings will include primary connection details but will not include fabrication details, material quantities or actual material lengths. All dimensions for ordering and fabrication of materials is the responsibility of your builder.

Once complete, preliminary drawings shall be issued along with our invoice for the works. This issue set will not include the calculations. These will allow you, your architect and your builder to review the scheme to ensure that this is in accordance with your expectations.

Please note that payment of our invoice is not subject to your project going ahead nor is it subject to the scheme being approved by your architect or builder. As such if you wish not to build your project please inform as soon as possible to prevent fees being due on abortive works. Should the design be partially complete then a partial fee will be due.

All drawings shall be issued in PDF form via email only.