Once your instruction has been received by direct email from yourself or via the client portal, the calculations and design will commence.

The calculations carried out are used to determine the form, size and configuration of the principle structural elements. Whilst there are often several ways to create a solution we will use our experience to adopt what we feel is the best solution in respect to cost, build ability, aesthetics and common building practices used.

Any personal preferences you or your builder may have should be highlighted at the estimate stage to prevent any abortive calculations being produced.

The architectural drawings will be used to produce the calculations and if a site visit has been undertaken, any findings can be incorporated.

The calculation pack will form an essential part of your building control submission and be should be retained for future reference.

The calculation pack shall be compiled and issued only on receipt of full payment of the invoices.

It is important to note that all construction projects are subject to unexpected changes. Once on site it is very possible that items are uncovered that were not known or your builder may require a small change due to build ability. Small amendments, or tweaking, of the scheme can be included at no extra cost. Consistent changes may result in an additional fee, although, you shall be informed if any additional fees are due prior to the works being carried out in all cases.

However, should significant alterations be required or scheme is altered following client changes, then additional fees will be likely. Any additional fees will be confirmed using the estimate process as used initially and no additional works will be carried out without your approval by email or via the client portal.

All calculations shall be issued in PDF format via email only.